Investigations into absenteeism will often lead to surveillance of the employee concerned, thus allowing for proof in case of suspected offense against absence policy. Surveillance will always be carried out by two experienced members of our surveillance team. A report, admissible during dismissal procedures, will be made up of each of the findings. During the surveillance process, pictures and/or video images will be taken. Bedrijfsrecherche Nederland uses investigation boundaries so that you will have an understanding of the costs involved prior to actually starting up the process. We will always contact you to discuss how to proceed once you have reached that boundary.

The most common form of absenteeism is moonlighting while being absent due to illness or conducting activities not compatible with the medical picture.

We advise you to also check with your industry doctor on which activities the employee concerned can and cannot perform.

Upon establishing absenteeism our security consultants will interview the employee concerned and report on the findings of the investigation.

For more information on this subject or our rates please contact our help desk at 0342 – 477040 or send us an e-mail.

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Anonymous reporting was established in collaboration with (your) employer(s) and Bedrijfsrecherche Nederland B.V.