Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras

If company fraud is suspected, such as money taken from the till or other illegal matters, placing a hidden camera might be useful. However, placing cameras is not always possible and is bound by legal rules. Placing a camera can only be done on legitimate grounds. You will always need to make a careful consideration between your interest and your employee’s rights. Placing a hidden camera will only be done in exceptional cases. All other possibilities will be examined first.

Situations in which a hidden camera can be deployed are: theft of money or goods, vandalism, graffiti, inappropriate use of company assets, etc. It is important to properly arrange for the use of cameras within your organization in order to meet legal requirements.

  •  Employees will need to be informed of the fact that cameras may be in place within the organization.
  • Employees will need to be informed that it is allowed for the employer to use hidden cameras in order to prove irregularities.
  • The works council also plays an active role in this
  • Placing cameras in dressing rooms etc is not allowed.

Our advice is to mention this in your house rules and have employees sign for this. To determine whether or not legal requirements are met, a privacy test will always be conducted prior to placing a (hidden) camera.

Bedrijfsrecherche Nederland will be happy to assist you in searching for a solution. We have our own technical service department and the latest digital equipment. You will be ensured of adequate placement and excellent quality of the images taken on the hidden cameras. You can view the images yourself or ask us to do it for you. Using the evidence gathered, our security consultants can interview the perpetrator(s) and assist you in dismissal procedures and/or filing police reports. A legal documentation of the events will always be prepared.

For more information on this subject or our rates please contact our help desk at 0342 – 477040 or send us an e-mail with your question.

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