Embezzlement during employment 7

“Everyone is doing it ..” was the reply we got in each of the personnel interviews. “No one is checking it..” was another response we often got from the other end of the table. We were not really shocked, just a bit sad.

The story starts ‘a while’ before that. A non-profit organization had an annoying issue with employees assuming a rather creative attitude towards their employer’s finances.

There had always been a fair amount of mutual trust between management and its employees. Doors always remained open and money boxes unlocked. It started out gradually, with borrowing stamps one day and putting them back the next…Then it was the coffee money box, taking some money from it, putting it back the next day… petty cash, taking some one day and putting it back the next…the safe, taking some money out, putting some …

The feeling of trust decreased slowly, the atmosphere got tense, when had it all gone wrong? Management then contacted BN. It appeared the snowball-effect had struck this non-profit organization.

For the moment, the budget for hiring staff is sufficient in this organization…

Several employees are at home re-thinking their creative financial attitude. In cooperation with BN, management quickly prepared a code of conduct and is keeping all doors locked!


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