Embezzlement during employment 9

Some time ago we received a request to conduct an investigation into a structural negative cash balance from a certain cashier. It was noteworthy that the negative balance always occurred on a Saturday and always amounted to 1000€.

At first, a simple case of embezzlement during employment was suspected. After consultation with our client we decided to interview the employee.

As a rule such interviews are conducted by two BN consultants, one of whom focuses on the interviewed person’s non-verbal behavior. During the interview, it soon became clear that the cashier did not display any so-called ‘perpetrator behavior’ at all. After a lengthy introduction from our side, the real truth came out.

During the past three months, the cashier had been the victim of a robber, who came by every Saturday and demanded she hand over 1000€ while holding her at gunpoint. Imagine having sleepless nights for three months and the horror of having to face that ‘customer’ with a gun in his pocket every Saturday.

It appeared the cashier had called in sick more often than other cashiers. Her school grades (she worked part-time) were dropping also. The robber had put her under so much pressure that she had not dared to speak to anyone about it.

In hindsight, all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. There are times when we really appreciate the beauty of our profession. Meanwhile all findings have been reported to the police.


Anonymous reporting was established in collaboration with (your) employer(s) and Bedrijfsrecherche Nederland B.V.