Surveillance is covertly observing persons, objects and situations in order to gather information and is an important method of investigation once there are clear indications that a person is guilty of reprehensible behavior and/or criminal conduct.

Surveillance can be set up in instances such as:

  •  Suspected absenteeism
  • Suspicion of non-compliance with non-competition clause by an employee or former employee
  • Suspicion of illegal sidelines
  • Check on field sales employee

The surveillance, which can either be performed statically or dynamically, will be conducted by at least one surveillance team consisting of two team members. They will use photo or video cameras during the course of their surveillance.

Prior to any surveillance investigation an introductory interview will be held in which we will go through the details of the investigation and the investigation strategy. For investigations involving surveillance, BN always uses border prices to ensure that you are informed of the costs beforehand.

A detailed report of the surveillance and its findings will always be provided.

We would like to stress the fact that during surveillance we will operate within the Privacy Code for commercial investigation agencies.

For more information on this subject or our rates please contact our help desk at 0342 – 477040 or send us an e-mail.

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